Podio Chat

Podio Chat

Talking to your colleagues is an important part of the worklife, and an important part of Podio. When you are working on the go, speed is everything. We took these important factors and built a standalone chat app for Podio. It was an experiment we undertook upon determining that the chat use case warranted it's own app.

I designed the iPhone and Android app, using the opportunity to experiment with advanced animations and new feature concepts. I also designed the app icon, a fusion of the the Podio logo and the classic speech bubble.

You can drive a full business on the Podio Platform, but it can get complex when you show it all on a small screen. With the Podio Chat app we managed to create a focused app that lets you quickly contact all your co-workers directly from your pocket.


Bouncy menu
We wanted to add some joy to app with some animations. One of the ideas that made it into the app is the menu transition. It uses a pop animation when you tap the hamburger menu.

Quick messages
One of the ideas we experimented with was a quick message feature. If you are late for a meeting, you want an easy and quick way to write a message to your cow-orkers. Tap and hold the group you want to message and choose what to tell your co-workers.

We also played around with Google's new FAB (Floating action button) pattern as a feature for the Chat app. It would be used as a way to show the transition between the main list and creating a message. We decided to not use the FAB in the app because of developer time vs how important it would be.

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